State of Serbia is obliged to take on itself the establishment and sustainable financing of the national SOS hot-line for support to women victims of violence which would demonstrate responsibility regarding women citizens and taking over the obligation defined by ratification of Council of Europe Convention against violence against women.

Women’s organizations from Serbia have received second call to join efforts of women’s organizations from Turkey in demanding peace. By acting against all forms of violence, women peace activists from Serbia stand in solidarity and support of demands of women’s organizations from Turkey. Letter addressed to the authorities of Republic of Turkey is available in the attachment.

pdf_buttonWomen’s organizations from Serbia supporting women’s organizations in Turkey in demanding peace

kom logoEnd military curfew in Kurdish towns of Turkey!
The war in Turkey is intensifying; people, all living beings and history is being destroyed!
As the State becomes more and more ISIS-like, the peoples’ resistance resembles Kobanê!

akcija 07 12 2015Regarding the International Day of Remembrance and Action against violence against Women in the memory of women killed in Montreal massacre (1989), standing in black and in silence, activists of organizations Women in Black and Network Women against violence protested in Knez Mihajlova street, in Belgrade. Activists have demanded this year again that state determines responsibility of employed in institutions for not punishing crimes against women!

The refugee crisis in recent months is one of the worst humanitarian disasters of our time. Innocent civilians, primarily from Syria and Afghanistan, suffering terribly - more than 11 million people have left their residence.

horgos sWar against refugees continues at the border. Symbols of “fortress Europe” – wire, iron, men in uniforms on Hungarian side aren’t looming out. There are too many symbols of their violence anyhow – rubble, ruckus everywhere around…

Recently we have received call to join declaration of women’s and LGBTI organizations from Turkey demanding peace. By acting against all forms of violence, women peace activists from Serbia stand in solidarity and support of demands for peace of women’s and LBGTI organizations from Turkey.

for peaceWe, the women of this country, desire peace. How many more generations must suffer the atrocities of war and conflict? What are we to do with all of this pain and suffering, for which there is no recompense?

The Women against Violence Network, Autonomous Women's Center and Women in Black are calling citizens to join us on Thursday (May 21st 2015), at 5:00 pm, at the last bus terminal near the Home of the Serbian Army building, at the Republic Square in Belgrade. We will gather all dressed in black to silently remember women who were murdered by their male partners or family members and to request that those responsible in state institutions be punished – institutions that have not done enough to prevent murders of women.

This letter - signed by more than 200 civil society organizations in Serbia which represent rights of Roma women, women with disability, children, LGBT persons and other discriminated groups in society – is a request to repeat the procedure for selection of the Commissioner for Equality due to irregularities in procedure and neglecting criteria required for this position.