zorana mihailovic potpis sThe Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure and President of the Coordinating Body for Gender Equality, Zorana Mihajlovic, gave her support and signed the petition to proclaim May 18th the Day of Remembrance of Murdered Women Victims of Violence.

brankica jankovic potpis sThe Commissioner for Protection of Equality, Brankica Jankovic, supported the petition to proclaim May 18th the Day of Remembrance of  Murdered Women Victims of Violence. She put her signature on the petition at the Commissioner’s Office, as did all employees of this institution.

peticija okt 16During the press conference held on 17th of October in Media Center in Belgrade, Autonomous Women's Center and Women Against Violence Network officially started collecting signatures in support of a petition to designate May 18 - Day of Remembrance of the murdered women victims of violence. This date was chosen because in 2015, within a period of 72 hours, on the 16th, 17th and 18th of May, seven women were killed in domestic-partnership context.

Since the beginning of this year till now we’ve seen that at least 24 women were murdered by their male partner or family member, as can   be deduced from media articles about domestic violence. The last murder happened on September 17th 2016, in Nanomir (near the city of Valjevo), where Z. I. (47) was murdered by her husband R. I. (57) with a hunting rifle. Too many times have we been left asking if there really was no way to prevent such murders?

At a meeting of the Women against Violence Network held in Vrnjacka Banja at the end of July 2016 we concluded that there are worrisome trends pertaining to conduct of institutions and their employees on preventing and suppressing violence against women. Instead of providing professional support and helping women, representatives of institutions (frequently guided by personal attitudes and prejudice) avoid taking responsibility for how they act when they receive reports of domestic violence.

3 August 2016 marks the 2nd anniversary of the Feminicide and Genocide by Islamic State (IS) against Yazidi people in Sinjar/Shengal. On 3 August 2014 IS attacked and captured Sinjar, which is the historical homeland of Yazidis, a Kurdish religious minority whose ancient religion is linked to Zoroastrianism. During the IS-massacre in Sinjar up to 5.000 Yazidis were executed. At the same time approximately 5.000 Yazidi women and children were captured. They were appropriated as spoils of war and sold as sex slaves to Muslim men or given to ISID commanders.

ni jedna zena manje ni jedna mrtva vise sLast night in Žitište, man has murdered his wife for making decision to leave him, than he killed her girlfriend and 3 men, and wounded more than 20 persons. In Knjaževac another man killed his wife. We appeal to the public, overwhelmed by anger and deep sadness regarding the third mass murder in Serbia in the past three years and another serial of killings motivated by hatred towards women, as the events from days around May 18th 2015.

The Women against Violence Network submitted their recommendations pertaining to surrogacy to the Civil Code work group. We requested that that Articles on surrogacy (beginning with Article 2272 and ending with Article 2282) be struck from the Civil Code because they would violate women’s rights and children’s rights that are enshrined in conventions Serbia signed.

Two more women were killed by partners/family members during past weekend in Serbia, one in Prijepolje surroundings and the other in Sirča village by Kraljevo. In the second case, there were no information whether woman addressed institutions for protection from violence prior to the crime, while in the first case, woman's appeal to help lacked the adequate response from responsible authorities.

step up sToday the Women against Violence of Europe (WAVE) Network starts the Step Up! campaign. In the next two years WAVE members will promote across Europe the right of women who have survived violence and their children to receive support and protection.