For women’s labour rights and social justice!

8 mart beograd 2016Regarding March 8th, women's revolutionary holiday, Women against Violence Network, Roma Women’s Network, Women in Black Network – Serbia and Reconstruction Women’s Fund have organized one more march in the streets of Belgrade under the title: For women’s labour rights and social justice!

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Public announcement regarding March 8th, women's revolutionary holiday

In accordance with the international, revolutionary women's day we will repeatedly state that we live in a country where war has been continued by different means: after years of war economy when the national-militarist oligarchy plundered great masses of people, what followed was merciless erasure of the last vestiges of social property, and the wealth from social ownership was siphoned to a small number of individuals.



8mart 2016 sOn March 8th, at 2:00 pm, activists will gather at the Republic Square in Belgrade and March against patriarchy, capitalism, nationalism, militarism, racism, xenophobia, homophobia, fascism... The march will proceed from the Republic Square to Terazije, through Kralja Milana on to Slavija. The march will stop at Dimitrije Tucovic's memorial, so as to protest against the relocation of the grave of this socialist and anti-militarist from one of Belgrade's main squares, and from history!


Reports on the conflict process, political situation, and women in Kurdistan

In solidarity with Kurdish women, we are sharing the reports of Free women’s congress (KJA) and making a call for all of us to be witnesses and spread the word about war and injustice that plagued the Kurdish people.


To Women’s Organizations: Urgent Call for Action

kom logoWomen’s Freedom Assembly (KÖM) is calling on your solidarity against the war and massacres that we have been living through for the past eight months. The AKP government and President Tayyip Erdoğan are repressing, through violence, all opposition forces who have been resisting the authoritarian regime that they have been trying to establish in Turkey and destroying all channels of political struggle.


Appeal against provision on punishing women and children bought in prostitution within the Proposal of The Law on Public Peace and Order

Instead of bringing a decision to decriminalize women and children in prostitution, and to punish purchasers that buy this type of service, Serbia is bringing a law that  tightens sanctioning of the most vulnerable - women and children - in prostitution, meaning sex exploitation.


Request for removing video named “Nasilje radja nasilje” from the public space

On behalf of Women against Violence Network we strongly object publishing video “Nasilje radja nasilje” avalibale at, within the campaign related to the prevention of domestic violence, which was developed by the Association of Public Prosecutors and Deputy Public Prosecutors of Serbia and financially supported by USAID.  Letter addressed to USAID office in Serbia available in the attachment.

pdf_buttonRequest for removing video named “Nasilje radja nasilje” from the public space

State is obliged to finance unique SOS hotline for women victims of violence

State of Serbia is obliged to take on itself the establishment and sustainable financing of the national SOS hot-line for support to women victims of violence which would demonstrate responsibility regarding women citizens and taking over the obligation defined by ratification of Council of Europe Convention against violence against women.


Women’s organizations from Serbia supporting women’s organizations in Turkey in demanding peace

Women’s organizations from Serbia have received second call to join efforts of women’s organizations from Turkey in demanding peace. By acting against all forms of violence, women peace activists from Serbia stand in solidarity and support of demands of women’s organizations from Turkey. Letter addressed to the authorities of Republic of Turkey is available in the attachment.

pdf_buttonWomen’s organizations from Serbia supporting women’s organizations in Turkey in demanding peace


kom logoEnd military curfew in Kurdish towns of Turkey!
The war in Turkey is intensifying; people, all living beings and history is being destroyed!
As the State becomes more and more ISIS-like, the peoples’ resistance resembles Kobanê!