okrugli sto daje sThe Roma Center for Women and Children Daje organized a round table on December 5th titled “Prevention of violence against women and children, in the premises of the City Municipality of Voždovac. The subject of the situation of women and children who are survivors of violence also came up, with special emphasis on the position of the Roma population.

crvene cipele sBy setting over 100 pairs of women's shoes on the Republic Square, on December 6th, 2017., at 3PM, the Women against Violence Network and Women in Black draw attention to the most brutal form of male violence against women: femicide (murder of women just because they are women). Tomorrow, the anniversary of the Montreal massacre will be celebrated around the world with the demand that the murders motivated by hatred towards women be stopped.

sastanak organizacija 2 3 dec sIn Vrnjačka Banja, during the weekend of the 2nd and 3rd December, organized by the Women's Association Peščanik from Kruševac, a meeting of organizations that provide support to women in situations of violence was held. The meeting was organized as part of the project "Women of the Rasina district for life without violence - for more effective cooperation in local communities in combating violence against women".

azcOn 10.11.2017, The Ministry of Labor, Employment, Veterans’ and Social Affairs announced a public invitation for associations to provide SOS telephone services for women who have experienced violence (worth 30 million dinars). One of the requirements of this call is having a license to provide this service, although the licensing of this service is an impossible mission, and that at the date of publishing the call no organization in Serbia had a license, which the Ministry, as the licensing authority, would have to have known.

oruzje nasilje sOn Wednesday, November 22nd, in Belgrade, the Public Policy Research Center organized a conference “Citizens on watch: Public participation and localization of the reformation of the security sector. The conference brought out the results of the research to which the Public Policy Research Center came by considering the possibilities of localization of campaigns for the legalization and handover of firearms in Serbia.

radionica zene sa invaliditetom sOn Thursday, November 9th, two workshops were held in Belgrade on providing support to women with disabilities in situations of (sexual) violence, with the financial support of Kvinna till Kvinna foundation. Participants of the workshops were activists of the Women against Violence Network who received practical guidelines for working with women with disabilities and had the opportunity to hear the experiences of women with disabilities from practice.

Last week, the senior commander I.R. (Age 39) prevented a man from killing his wife, R.T. (49). This took place at the Pančevo Fair, right in front of numerous passers-by who, according to the media, observed the event passively.

Predstavnice Mreze ZPN WAVE sIn the period from October 30th to November 1st, the Europe’s Women against Violence Network organized an international conference in Budapest titled: “From counter effects to effective response: stand together to protect women and girls from all forms of violence”. A total of 20 activists from 11 organizations of the Women against Violence Network from Serbia were present at the conference.

In the last few days, the "realization" of another murder of a woman J.M. (33 years old) is ubiquitous, and the media ceaselessly compete in bringing out the bizarreness of this case. Almost nothing has changed in delivering details and speculations about the murder of J.M. for 18 months since she was killed. On Saturday morning, the day after she participated in the reality show "Zadruga", her husband Z.M. was arrested because, according to the media, evidence was found that implied he was the murderer. Leaving the competent services to deal with the case clarification and punishing those responsible, we wonder if the media had in mind what kind of damage to the family members such a report could have caused, as well as damage to the six-year-old daughter of the murdered J.M.? Is raising the rating and attracting readers' attention more important than someone's right to a "normal" and dignified life after a trauma?

sarajevo s11-12.9.2017. Sarajevo - Representatives of the Women against Violence Network, Vedrana Lacmanović, and the Autonomous Women's Center, Marina Ileš, attended the conference "Empowering women's organizations and movements for the fight against violence: New perspectives and performance measurements" in Sarajevo. The conference was organized by the OAK and Trag foundations.