We’re witnessing the ninth in a series of murders of women since the beginning of the year. On Friday, February 23rd, J.A. (68 years old) was murdered by her sons M.A. (38 years) and D.A. (30 years).

seminar konferencija slucajaOn Friday, February 23rd, the Autonomous Women's Center held a seminar titled "Organizing a Case Study for the Protection against Domestic Violence" for organizations - members of the Women Against Violence Network.

On Monday, February 5th, B.M. aged 21, was murdered by her former partner J.V. (24 years old) in the dressing room of a village stadium in the village of Stanišići, just two days after his release from prison. According to the media, J.V. was in jail for violating the urgent measures of the restraining order given to him due to violence against B.M.

stop turskoj agresiji sActivists of the Women Against Violence Network, Women in Black, Serbian Anti-Fascist Union and independent activists protested today in front of the Turkish Embassy in Belgrade. The protest was held because on January 20th, 2018, Turkey started aggression against the autonomous Kurdish region of northern Syria.

dtdDear Friends and Sisters, we would like to share the attached documents reporting on the current situation on Afrin that we received from The Democratic Self-Administration of Rojava-North Syria/Foreign Relations Authority. As TJA we call on all our sisters and friends to stand against the Turkish state aggression on Afrin and raise a strong voice to prevent the occupation of Afrin by Turkish state forces and armed gangs.

povelja sos vranje zpn azc sMarking the 15th anniversary of the SOS telephone Vranje, the Human Rights Committee Vranje has awarded a charter to the Women against Violence Network for contribution, dedication and cooperation in improving the SOS telephone service.

On Friday, December 15th, another woman who had previously contacted the relevant aid institutions was killed by a partner in Serbia. Two days before she was killed, J.G. (37), according to the media, she reported her husband V.G. (37) for domestic violence to the police. The social care center was also informed of the violence she suffered, as the media reported.

dzeneta agovic oebs sThe “Person of the Year” award is granted to individuals whose work is in line with the goals and values of the OSCE organization. Among five winners are Dženeta Agović, coordinator of the NGO Impuls from Tutin. With this award, Dženeta's work and commitment to the prevention of domestic violence in Southwestern Serbia, the integration of refugee women into local communities and raising awareness of youth safety through civic dialogue have been highlighted.

ni jedna zena manje 6 dec sBelgrade, December 6th - Marking the anniversary of the Montreal massacre, activists of the Women against Violence Network and Women in Black organized a street action on the Republic square in Belgrade. This date is celebrated around the world with the demand that murders motivated by hate towards women be stopped.

Women against Violence Network sent a proposal for the establishment of a monitoring body for femicide monitoring to the Coordination body for gender equality of the Government of the Republic of Serbia.

pdf buttonProposal for the establishment of a monitoring body for monitoring femicide