Contribution of a grouping of Feminist and Human Rights Organizations to the work of The Hague Conference on Private International Law regarding legal issues concerning international surrogacy conventions
(“parentage/surrogacy project”)
Comments on Preliminary Document No 3 B of March 2014 and Preliminary Document No 3A of February 2015

Stop Surrogacy Now Statement
We are women and men of diverse ethnic, religious, cultural, and socio-economic backgrounds from all regions of the world. We come together to voice our shared concern for women and children who are exploited through surrogacy contract pregnancy arrangements.
EWL puts the issue of surrogacy on the European agenda
More than 50 persons joined us at the Swedish Permanent Representation in Brussels to hear from surrogate mothers, doctors and persons born from surrogacy, in a documentary which investigates the reality of surrogacy in the United States, where the practice is legal.
UN rights expert calls all States to establish a ‘Femicide Watch’
GENEVA (23 November 2015) – The United Nations Special Rapporteur on violence against women, its causes and consequences, Dubravka Šimonović, urged today all States to focus on prevention of gender-related killing of women by establishing a 'Femicide Watch'.

PORN FREE The Swedish Women’s Lobby has launched the campaign #Pornfree in cooperation with Unizon and Roks. We demand that a governmental commission is assigned to examine the consequences of pornography and to investigate how the spread of pornography can be limited. We have presented a manifest for a #pornfree society together with our member organisations. Read the manifest here.

Trouble and Strife
Time for a rethink – why the current government definition of domestic violence is a problem. Liz Kelly and Nicole Westmarland consider the consequences of changing definitions of domestic violence which have progressively disguised, diluted and distorted the reality of gender based violence.

California Backs "Yes Means Yes" Sexual Consent Bill, Because "No Means No" Isn't Enough
Optional Protocol to CEDAW
Karen Tayag Vertido on using the Optional Protocol to CEDAW
ISHR | International Service for Human Rights
Special Rapporteur on violence against women calls on States to address socio-cultural factors
The Irrawaddy
Girl Power Rises in Burma
The Observer
The truth about women 'crying rape'
Washington Post
The saddest graph you’ll see today