On Monday, February 5th, B.M. aged 21, was murdered by her former partner J.V. (24 years old) in the dressing room of a village stadium in the village of Stanišići, just two days after his release from prison.[1]

According to the media, J.V. was in jail for violating the urgent measures of the restraining order given to him due to violence against B.M. From the media it was possible to find out that J.V. was also violent towards his mother and grandmother.[2] The statement of A.V. also refers to the risk of fatal outcome of violence. (mother to J.V.) in the media. She, the night before the murder, finding out that B.M. came to the village to meet with J.V., called the former commander of the police station because B.M. had a restraining order against J.V. for declaring that she would be "his or God's." The answer A.V. received from the commander was that he was "not in office, and can do nothing about it" and that they "did what they could".[3]

The history of violence, the statement that she will be "his or God's," the pronouncement of the restraining order, the prison for violation of the order, and the call of A.V. (mother to J.V.) to the former police commander on the night before the murder of B.M. and the fear that he would make his threats come true, were not enough for B.M. to be protected. Maybe B.M. would still be alive if the police collected information, investigated and assessed security risks, persisted in the application of legislation and the control of the perpetrator who had been issued emergency measures with due diligence. If the state decided to prevent and combat domestic violence, the application of legal protection and sanctions must be complete and consistent. Apply the law!

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