dtdDear Friends and Sisters,

We would like to share the attached documents reporting on the current situation on Afrin that we received from The Democratic Self-Administration of Rojava-North Syria/Foreign Relations Authority.

As TJA we call on all our sisters and friends to stand against the Turkish state aggression on Afrin and raise a strong voice to prevent the occupation of Afrin by Turkish state forces and armed gangs.

To this day Afrin has been a safe haven for more than a million people that fled the ongoing war in Syria. The primary target of the Turkish aggression in Afrin is the democratic self-governance of the peoples of Afrin and the hope for co-existance for the people of the region.

Once again; we call all the peace activists, politicians, journalists everywhere in the world to stand against the Turkish aggression on Afrin and join the protests and demonstrations held in their cities to support the Afrin resistance to occupation.

Please find complete report attached.

pdf button  Efrin - Report

In Solidarity

Tevgera Jinên Azad (TJA) - Komisyona Diplomasiyê
Free Women's Movement - Diplomacy Commission