protest 17 jul poziv

The Women against Violence Network and the Autonomous Women's Center invite citizens to a protest, and employees, managers in institutions and those in power in relevant ministries to answer for the oversight in the last two cases of murder of women and children within the Centers for Social Affairs in Belgrade as well as in all previous cases.

The protest will be held on Monday, July 17th, 2017. at 10 am, in front of the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Labor, Employment, Veterans' and Social Affairs.

In both cases of femicide, the violence was previously reported to institutions, the abusers convicted for violence against women and children and violent behavior, both of the women were in the procedures of getting custody of the young children, but none of this information was taken into account as a high risk for the lives of the women and children when deciding on the arrangement of a child visitation model, nor were protective measures taken to ensure the safety and security of the women and children.

System institutions have shown weakness towards abusers and violent behavior, and not a decisive response to male violence against women. Additional anger was aroused by the reaction of professionals to the killings of children and women, to whom this was the opportunity for pointing out their poor position within the system, and who in no case stated why they hadn’t applied the provisions on compulsory cooperation stipulated by the Law on the Prevention of Domestic Violence.

The state has the most resources and therefore its responsibility is greatest. Even in the situation of a devastated system, as the one we live in now is, the state is far more powerful than children and women who are victims of male violence. That is why identifying failures and the accountability of managers for their failures is crucial for the system - if the system wants to change. If it does not want to change, we'll have to change it.

On behalf of the Women against Violence Network
Aleksandra Nestorov

On behalf of the Autonomous Women's Center
Bobana Macanović