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Belgrade, December 7th -  Regarding the International Day of Remembrance and Action against violence against Women in the memory of women killed in Montreal massacre (1989), standing in black and in silence, activists of organizations Women in Black and Network Women against violence protested in Knez Mihajlova street, in Belgrade. Activists have demanded this year again that state determines responsibility of employed in institutions for not punishing crimes against women!

Men globally, in all world countries, kill women, just because they are women! Femicide is at the very end of continuous male terror that includes various forms of male violence against women, all up to physical killing. Each year around 66000 women are violently killed around the world. In Serbia, from the beginning of the year till the 1st of December, 33 women were killed in the context of family of partnership. More than half of these women had reported violence to appropriate institutions. We ask institutions of the Republic of Serbia, why are these women not among us?

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On November 25th 2015, in her speech[1], UN special rapporteur for monitoring violence against women, its causes and consequences,  Dubravka Šimonović has drawn attention of member states on gaps in recognizing risks from femicide: “The weaknesses of national prevention systems, lack of proper risk assessment and the scarcity or poor quality of data are major barriers in preventing gender-related killing of women and developing meaningful prevention strategies. These weaknesses result in misidentification, concealment and underreporting of gender-motivated killings thus perpetuating impunity for such killings.”

Women in Black and Network Women against Violence demand punishment of all irresponsible state officials who had missed to react or inadequately reacted to report of male violence against women and in that way had not taken all necessary measured to stop repeating of the violence and woman's killing.

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More on December 6th – On the 6th of December 1989, 25 year old Marc Lepine, armed with semiautomatic  gun and knives, killed 14 women and injured 13 people (nine women and four men) at the École Polytechnique in Montreal,  screaming “You're women, you're going to be engineers. You're all a bunch of feminists. I hate feminists.” than he committed suicide. Marc Lepine believed that female student are guilty for his failure to enter Mechanical engineering studies at University. He left a suicide note explaining his hate towards feminists with the list of 19 prominent women who he hated the most. Women killed in the massacre -

Anne-Marie Edward, Anne-Marie Lemay, Annie St. Arneault, Annie Turcotte, Barbara Daigneault, Barbara Maria Klueznick, Genevieve Bergeron, Helen Colgan, Maud Haviernick, Maryse Laganiere, Maryse Leclair, Michele Richard, Natalie Croteatu and Sonia Pelletier, - have become the tragic symbol of injustice towards women.

[1] Speech of the Special Rapporteur for  monitoring violence against women, its causes and consequences is available at this link UN rights expert calls all States to establish a ‘Femicide Watch’ Accessed: 03.12.2015.