The refugee crisis in recent months is one of the worst humanitarian disasters of our time. Innocent civilians, primarily from Syria and Afghanistan, suffering terribly - more than 11 million people have left their residence.

These are people who have refused to be cannon fodder in the conflicts for which are responsible the great powers, and the dictatorial regimes in these countries. A number of them have sought help in the EU countries, but they have demonstrated the ultimate inability or unwillingness to provide refuge for those people. Because of that, we can speak about the loss of moral capital and about the shame for the European Union’s culture and values. It turns out that at the heart of Europe, some political decision makers are not better in any way than the leaders of countries from which refugees escape.

Especially inhuman and degrading behavior towards refugees (barbed wire, aggressive laws, and brutality) demonstrated Hungarian authorities.

On the other hand, many civil society groups held rallies throughout Europe in support of refugees. From Berlin, Budapest, Stockholm, Helsinki, Lisbon, Copenhagen, to Warsaw and London, are calling for the establishment of a common European policy on refugees based on solidarity.

Women in Black and Autonomous Women Center believe that it is time to raise a voice in Serbia against the dangerous borders building in our name. Therefore, a cause the 21 September - the World Peace Day (global cessation of hostilities and violence and spread a message of peace), we organize jointly and with the support of the Reconstruction Women's Fund, the Association of Anti-Fascists of Serbia and art collective Škart, the action "Solidarity with asylum seekers". We want to show, along with thousands of others throughout Europe, our solidarity with those who escape from war, violence and destruction and to send a message to all refugees, "you're welcome".

The event will be held from 12 to 14 hours, in parks near the bus station and the Faculty of Economics.

We invite you on the World Peace Day to join us and to show together the empathy and solidarity and to provide add to unhappy people.

Women in Black
Autonomous Women Center
Serbia, Belgrade, 20 September 2015