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Turkish Embassy in Belgrade
His Excellency Ambassador of Turkey to Serbia Mr. Mehmet Kemal Bozay

Belgrade, 15/09/2015

Letter of support to peace declaration of women’s and LGBTI organizations from Turkey

Your Excellency,

Recently we have received call to join declaration of women’s and LGBTI organizations from Turkey demanding peace[1]. By acting against all forms of violence, women peace activists from Serbia[2] stand in solidarity and support of demands for peace of women’s and LBGTI organizations from Turkey.

We are witnesses of hundred and thousands of people who are leaving everything they built in their lives to escape atrocities of war. We feel that all of us have responsibility to contribute to peace building and creating an environment where every person lives free from violence and fear.

Therefore, together with our sisters from Turkey, we insist, and will continue to insist, upon peace.

On behalf of women’s network and peace activists from Serbia

Vedrana Lacmanovic and Aleksandra Nestorov

[1] Declaration attached to this letter
[2] Roma Women’s Network, Network for European Women’s Lobby, Women in Black, Women against Violence Network

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