The International Avon Foundation for Women announced a donation of one million dollars for organizations that fight violence against women worldwide, responding to the information that’s indicating an increasing number of cases of domestic violence, as a masked consequence of isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The donation will provide support for organizations from 37 countries, including Serbia. One million dinars will be allocated to the coalition consisting of 26 organizations - Women Against Violence Network, for the benefit of the system providing assistance in the fight against violence.

"During the state of emergency, Women Against Violence Network has recorded a larger number of cases of violence against women and children, measured by the increase in number of calls compared to the same time last year. Given the difficult and delicate situation faced by extremely vulnerable categories of women such as those living in rural and remote settlements, Roma women, women with disabilities, refugees and displaced women as well as women over the age of 65, the Women Against Violence Network plans to direct the funds received through the Avon, mainly to help these groups of women and pay special attention to their needs, providing them individual and field assistance. As usual, we want to encourage all people who have experienced violence to call the SOS helpline, where we will provide them with help and support they need, "said Jasmina Nikolić, coordinator of the Women Network Against Violence.

The received funds will be used to support the work of specialized women's NGOs within the Women Against Violence Network, during and after the state of emergency. We will ensure the continuity of the work of SOS helplines, provide protective equipment necessary for work in the field. Part of the funds will also be directed to the purchase of food and medicine for the most financially vulnerable groups of women who have survived violence.

"For more than 130 years, Avon has supported women, and for more than 15 years it has been cooperating with organizations that combat violence against women. They need our support, now, more than ever. This donation will enable providing assistance to women and children around the world, especially through the #isolatedNOTalone campaign, which was launched in response to an increased number of cases of violence against women during isolation, due to the coronavirus pandemic, "said Natalie Deacon, president of the Avon Foundation for Women. 

The #isolatedNOTalone campaign was launched globally by Avon to further support organizations fighting to reduce violence against women as well as raise awareness on this important issue and encourage women to report violence. Over the past six decades, Avon and the Avon Foundation for Women have donated over 1 billion dollars worldwide to support and empower women, care for their wellbeing, as well as build a better future for all women and their families.