impuls tutin logoInstitution of the Commissioner for Equality Protection, acting on the accusation made by the president of the Civil association “Impuls” form Tutin. Dženet Agović, issued an Opinion that the company „Code Trade JNJ“ d.o.o from Novi Pazar broke the Anti-discrimination law, on the 3rd of August 2019. during the Festival that was organized by this association.

A reminder that during the 6th “Women friendship festival” organized by association “Impuls” association, safety of the participants was endangered, and their right to gender equality was violated. On the second day of festival, 3rd of August 2019. a campaign was organized on social media against the organizers and the participants of the Festival because they intended to preform a public demonstration against violence against women, characterized as the “gay parade in Tutin.”   

For the same reason, the owner of the restaurant “Ras” in Pazarište (not far from Novi Pazar) prohibited the participants of the Festival to attend the previously scheduled dinner, stating that “LGBT persons are banned from entering the restaurant Ras”

For this occasion Institution of the Commissioner for Equality Protection ordered the Company  „Code Trade JNJ“ in whose ownership was the above mentioned restaurant, to send a written apology letter for canceling the dinner on the participants of the “Women friendship festival” in the restaurant “Ras” – Pazarište, as well as to make sure to comply with Anti-discrimination rules in its regular business and activities in the future and is also obliged to report on this to the Institution of the Commissioner for Equality Protection within 30 days since receiving the Opinions and Recommendations.

If „Code Trade JNJ“ d.o.o doesn’t comply to the recommendation a Measure of warning will be issued, of which the Commissioner will inform the public through media.

Members of the Impulse Association perceive the Opinion and Recommendations of the Commissioner for Equality Protection not only as satisfaction for the discrimination suffered, but also as an important message to the entire Sandžak public that the right to equality must be respected.

Impulse will continue its work to promote women's rights, as well as the rights of other vulnerable groups in the society, including the rights of LGBT people.

In Tutin, 06.03.2020.