iz-kruga-bgd-logo“…Out of Circle – Belgrade” is an organization working on protection and support of women with disabilities. It was established in 1997 in the goal of promoting the right to life without violence and discrimination through raising public awareness on the particular status and needs of women with disabilities, as well as advancement of health of persons with disabilities, especially women.

“…Out of Circle – Belgrade” has an SOS Line (011/3448-045, work days from 10am to 4pm) as a professional service providing support to persons with disabilities and their families in situations of violence and discrimination. “…Out of Circle” also provides psychological-social and legal aid and support for women with disabilities, their parents, guardians and legal representatives; keeps a register and statistical information of clients, as well as property and resources; analyzes data on the status of women with disabilities and their families, for the needs of relevant social subjects and in the goal of complete social protection; and other activities that focus on persons with disabilities, especially women.