centar-vrsac-logoThe Center for Women’s Rights in Vrsac is a non-profit, non-governmental organization, registered on March 23rd, 2000, in the aim of providing support to women and children in realizing their human, civil, gender, social and personal rights. The Center for Women’s Rights in Vrsac believes in life without violence, supports women regardless of national, religious other racial distinction, mental or physical capabilities, or any other type of difference. Work principles: combating all forms of discrimination; supporting each women’s right of choice; developing solidarity among women; advocating political affirmative action; supporting and advocating for children’s rights. Goals: empowering women who were, or are, experiencing violence; empowering women with disabilities in relation to combating violence and discrimination; raising public awareness on the prevalence of violence, society’s responsibility in maintaining it, gender equality, especially among rural women; advancing children’s rights and cooperation with institutions.