pescanik-logoAssociation of Women – Sandglass is a women’s non-governmental organization established in March of 2000, in Krusevac. Sandglass advocates women’s equality at home, at work and in public life, and works on empowering women and promoting gender equality through organization of seminars, workshops, panels, street actions, campaigns, research, documents, publications, flyers and booklets on the status of women. In cooperation with the Swedish organization Kvinna til Kvinna we have been implementing, since 2002, the “Women’s Information-Education Center” program. The Center works on education and empowerment of women in relation to gender equality, as well as peer education of girls and young women on issues of women’s rights and gender equality. Sandglass provides individual psychological and legal consultations to women who have survived violence – 066/00-66-06, work days at 10am - 2pm.