fenomena-logoFenomena is a non-profit organization which works on advancing women’s lives in the local community, while always taking into consideration gender equality, environment and social entrepreneurship aspects. The organization’s goals pertaining to gender equality and social entrepreneurship: establishing and rendering new social services to people who have survived gender based violence; raising awareness and educating young people and women especially, but also the general public, about gender equality issues and social entrepreneurship; improving mechanisms for implementing laws relevant for advancing gender equality; promoting the concept of social entrepreneurship. The SOS Line is intended for women who have survived violence, and it was established in 2007 as part of the Fenomena association and with support from partners and foreign funding agencies. In 2013 Fenomena started trainings on how to form and lead self help groups in accordance with the “Power of Change” model which has been accredited by the Republic Agency for Social Services. More information at www.fenomena.org