atina-logoSince its establishment in 2004 Atina has been the only organization in Serbia conducting programs for long-term social inclusion of trafficking victims with complete participation of beneficiaries. We also have active participation of state institutions so as to make the system of assistance a sustainable solution leading to complete recovery and full integration. The organization’s support programs provide the following services: medical, psychological and legal aid; support for education and resolving citizen/legal status; temporary accommodation, participation in self-help groups as well as educational and other workshops. Atina provides education in the aim of strengthening institutions and organizations in order to give adequate support to trafficking victims. Atina also participates in research projects examining the phenomenon of trafficking. NGO ATINA’s SOS Line is available work days from 9am to 5pm – 011/3220-030 and 061/638 - 4071 every day 24 hours.