Reconstruction Women’s Fund, Women against Violence Network, Autonomous Women’s Center and ACT Women invite you to the:

Observance of the international campaign 16 Days of Activism against Violence against Womenin Serbia



A socially engaged performance on psychological violence against women

November 25th, 3pm, Trg Republike


This year for 16 Days of Activism against Violence against Women:

-  - We request an amendment to the Criminal Code of the Republic of Serbia which would recognize the criminal act of Stalking

There is an increasing number of stalking cases in Serbia, some of which have unfortunately ended in murder of the victim. Stalking victims have no protection and are left to the mercy of the perpetrators who do not face any criminal sanctions.

Being stalked means living in fear.


In cooperation with Deborah Hunt, the art-activist group ACT Women gives us the “Tired!” street performance, directed by Dijana Milošević. The performance, which focuses on psychological violence against women, follows a trans-generational transfer of women’s duties and expectations that result in exhaustion.

Performed by: Ana Imširović-Đorđević, Vesna Bujošević, Zorica Nikolić, Slađana Rackov. Performance inspired by a text written by: Jelene Andjelovski. Technical assistance: Neven Bujošević. Photography: Biljana Rakočević. Video: Aleksandra Nestorov. Organization: Zoe Gudović

Gostovanja performansa u gradovima Srbije:November 26th, 10am Vranje, SOS Vranje; November 26th, 1pm, Leskovac, Women for Peace; November 26th, 3pm, Niš, Roma Women SOS Line “Osvit”; November 27th 12:30pm, Vršac; November 27th, 3pm, Kikinda; December 2nd, 2pm, Šid; December 3rd, 1pm, Lazarevac.

The following performances were created as a merging of art and activism in the goal of changing social awareness and social relations: “Do You See Violence against Women” (2003), “Why Are They Not among Us” (2004), “They Have No Trust – Why?” (2005), “Expel Violent Perpetrators from the Game” (2006), “We Must React Now, Before It Is Too Late!” (2007), “I Cannot Leave Because…” (2008), “If We, the Dead, Rise Up…” (2009), and “My Body My Territory” (2010).

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